Fake it until you make it…and learn to jump over traps….

IMG_4677Another major setback in life & feeling trapped?

Guess what we’ve all been there when you get that in that black hole of desperation inside your heart. We seem to keep pushing upward in hopes that next time will be different..But once again another crisis that truly shuts down all your sliver of hope for any exciting future plans. Your starting to feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the Football trick? You keep telling yourself that you’re not going to be deceived with anyone’s charming ways that end up causing another detour with your plans.

Why not try take a different reaction by hitting the pause button on playing the victim and take  this time to reflect on “your part” of this negative cycle with different people with similar outcomes-your the one common element.  Learning to respond vs react is key to changing these negative outcomes…Discover new clarity  that lead up to the terrible moment in your past. Honest appraisal of your actions is key. This new insight will change your life  by learning how to lower expectations and shift your mind to have high hope with any future events. Emotions expectation on people, places and things will always leave a person unsatisfied by their unrealistic perspective on events…Shift your overall definition of the “what it should look like” and shift to  I hope it works out for the best… Understanding your  life’s challenging hot spots will help you prepare for more exciting positive outcome…Simply by learning how to best to side step those old negative traps  in your life to gain the proper vision to kick Lucy’s football high in the air. #liferedoodled #respondwithstrength #Leadershiptools #emotionalbaggage #lifeinsight #pausebutton #charliebrownfootball

Multiple view points…can be tough


There are times in our life when we feel the strong desire to have multiple points of view on a big decision .. Whatever the life question you are facing –first critical step is to ask your talented friends/family to help you with a decision: “Real life board of directors.”  This insightful group will help you make smarter decision on your true purpose and proper direction for this major decision…Be careful who you ask  for their insight…You do not want individuals who might add more fuel to spark one’s internal fears of failure.. people who see the world as 1/2 empty are the one’s to watch out for….

The right solution will be discovered  by listening to how it feels in your gut, and from reflecting on your micro board of  insightful feedback about your future adventure. Your internal raw talent when combined with powerful insight from your board of directors will serve as the perfect traffic signal at the  crossroads of decision time.  Listen to the wisdom, ask tough questions,research as much as you can, but  don’t forget you have to be  bold and fearless to live out  your true dream..Don’t quit before the miracle happens. Keep telling yourself –“Why not me”…Life is too short to be indecisive, instead, use your time & talents wisely. Taking the right actions for your next venture you will  find how your unique talents actually became your biggest assets to  your life success.#liferedoodled#personalmicroboards#insightfuladvisors#crossroadmoment


Stop the cycle…You’re worth more


Guess who can shift the direction of this powerful negative cycle-You can…First things first- one must stay in the solution and not allow yourself to cycle around the old problem. Only way this shift will stick is when you decide to take real action. A person reaction to move away from painful cycle must be motivated by knowledge of the better things will be found after  painful transition. Hang in there and know that your challenge period will add wisdom to your life journey..Remember you’re worth a happy life after going through this painful shift period.